SiS 600ml Wide Neck Water Bottle


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The SIS 600ml Wide Neck Water Bottle is a clean, fast, and convenient way to prepare and use SiS drinks. This bottle is specially made for SiS, so it has handy markings down the side that are a key part of the easy-mix system. They let you fill your water bottle to precisely the right level for the correct concentration of drink and powder.

This bottle has an extra wide neck to make measuring out and filling even easier. It also means it’ll be easier to clean, so you always get a great-tasting, contamination-free drink.

Key Features:

  • This bottle is specially made for SiS, with handy markings that are a key part of the easy-mix system
  • To use, start by adding drink powder up to the appropriate level, as marked on the bottle; then part fill with water and shake to mix the drink; finally top up to the final level with more water
  • The result is no fuss, no mess, and less chance of contaminating your drink – assuming that you keep your bottle clean!
  • An extra-wide opening makes it even easier to pour in powder from large tubs

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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