Mucky Nutz Face Fender Front Mudguard


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Mucky Nuts Face Fender front mudguard is great for those riders who want to protect themselves and their bike without needing big, chunky mudguards. At just 25g (without fasteners) the Face Fender adds negligible weight to your bike.

As a front mudguard it can be mounted to your fork to keep the mud off your face, and your fork. Hook and loop fasteners mean you can install and detach the Face Fender in no time.

If you’re looking for a discreet bike mudguard that will protect you from muck and debris while blasting the trails then the Mucky Nutz Face Fender is ideal for you.

Key Features

  • Weight: 22-25g
  • Length: 210mm
  • Width: 255mm
  • Improved design: thicker, stronger and reprofiled for a better fit.
  • Stops any muck, horse, cow and dog s*** being flung into your face.
  • Fitted as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum ‘muck’ catching.
  • Can be used on all wheel sizes
  • Protects your fork stanchions, seals and bridge from getting caked, reducing the need for cleaning and servicing.
  • Discrete but effective, a favourite on the pro and amateur circuits.
  • The lightest and most versatile mtb mudguard available, at 25g.
  • Uses Velcro straps to attach to the bridge and stanchions, making fitting and removal a breeze.
  • Compatible with all forward and double bridge fork designs.
  • Can be used as a rear shock and/or front mech guard on some full shock arrangements.
  • Easy to clean as it’s flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you’re done.

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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