Look KEO Blade Carbon Ceramic Bearing Ti Axle with KEO Cleat 16NM with 12NM Spare


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Look keo blade carbon ceramic bearing ti axle with keo cleat 16nm with 12nm spare.

Blade carbon pedal

Our elite-level, top-of-the-range weapon designed for pure racing performance. The unique, patented blade technology is combined with the unequaled properties of ceramic bearings and look’s signature power-to-weight ratio, ensuring the pedal comes straight in as a reference on the market.


Faster – longer

Every component, every ball is meticulously selected to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. The balls are precisely calibrated one by one by a machine, down to the micrometer. They are then ordered according to size in perfectly-adapted rings, with the result that every bearing has a totally unique structure.

Longer life

A long lifespan is the main advantage of ceramic bearings. Rounder and harder than traditional balls, they are less sensitive to dust or deposits and guarantee consistent, durable performance. Furthermore, ceramic is not subject to corrosion. These physical properties ensure the bearings have a lifespan 4 to 6 times longer than standard steel bearings.


Reduced friction is the best-known and most characteristic advantage of ceramic bearings. The perfectly circular shape and the hardness of the balls combined with ceramic-specific, optimized greases allows for an 18% reduction of the frictional forces applied to the bearing.


In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding cyclists, the blade carbon pedals are designed to resist the very worst weather conditions. Particular care is given to each component within the axle to ensure optimal lifespan. The axle is guaranteed waterproof by ipx7 (full immersion) and ipx6 (rotating pedal exposed to water jets) tests. The design of the outer cap and the inside nut have been revised to meet these requirements

Blade technology

Lighter – aerodynamic – safer

The use of a carbon blade instead of a conventional metal spring offers numerous advantages:

The “blade – lever” system is 20% lighter than a standard “spring – lever” system.

The carbon blade blends fluidly into the shape and volume of the pedal, improving the overall aerodynamic properties of the product.

The blade technology revolutionizes the engagement/ disengagement experience whilst offering firm and secure support. The bowing of the blade when unclipping means the required disengagement torque is reached more rapidly in the dynamic of the movement, allowing for faster cleat release. Pedaling experience is also improved thanks to a firmer lateral stop.

The carbon blade is available in various stiffness options: 12, 16 or 20. The blade can be easily, intuitively and quickly (a few seconds suffice) changed depending on the rider’s clip-in / clip-out preferences.

  • Technology: blade
  • Retention: serial installed in 16 + additional 12 in box 20 sold separately
  • Body: carbon
  • Traction: carbon
  • Spindle: titanium
  • Bearings: ceramic
  • Platform area: 700 mm²
  • Platform width: 67mm
  • Q factor: 53mm
  • Stack height + cleats: 14,8 mm ( 8,5 + 6,3 mm )
  • Weight (pedal): 95g
  • Weight pair + cleats: 260g

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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